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HR Expert reveals:

Wie Sie die Aufmerksamkeit Ihres potentiellen Arbeitgebers blitzschnell erhaschen und garantiert zum Vorstellungsgespräch eingeladen werden!

Over 90% of your competitors miss this incredible opportunity. Not you, because you belong to the 10% of winners!
HR Expert reveals:

How to catch the attention of your potential employers in a flash and get shortlisted for interviews!

Over 90% of your competitors miss this incredible opportunity. Not you, because you belong to the 10% of winners!

Individual application guidance

The fact is: You only have a few moments to make the potential employer really curious about you with your application documents. The HR manager should ideally not forget your name after reviewing your application. He must be keen to get to know you personally and set you up for a phone interview. If you're failing this, then it's not necessarily because you're not enough qualified, but because you're disregarding very important criteria in your application:

You can't write creatively and use boring, meaningless sentences from sample applications

You don't manage to stand out from the applicants’ crowd - neither in terms of design/layout nor in terms of convincing content

There are time gaps in your CV, it’s chaotic and does not optimally highlight your relevant skills and achievements

the smallest spelling and/or grammar mistake is an absolute "NO Go!" and proves a lack of interest and consideration from your side

Many applicants seek professional help and hire an application expert, who has the necessary writing skills to create unique application documents and highlight their identity and excitement for a specific position, company, or industry.

I can do that too, and even much better! You see, I’m more than just an application expert. As an experienced HR Consultant and Career Coach, I’m familiar with the latest application trends and I can therefore write according to the latest criteria.Hence, I know exactly how you can effectively catch the recruiter’s critical eye and how to meet his expectations on your application documents.

My graduation in law and social sciences and my extended experience in the HR field build up the fundamental basis for my work as a career coach. My creativity, my empathy and my extensive knowledge of the recruiting process help me in creating individual, very appealing, and above all, authentic application documents. Because one thing is very important to me: You should be able to recognize yourself in your application documents.

About me:

My name is Simona Luca, I’ve graduated in the law and social sciences and I’ve been working in the human resources department of several international companies for the last 9 years. As part of my work as an HR consultant, I have screened thousands of applications and led an accordingly huge number of job interviews. By doing so, I have often noticed how difficult it is for applicants (and especially for foreign applicants) to create professional application documents and to optimally present and convincingly sell themselves during the interview. That’s why I’ve decided:

to use my HR expertise and offer the best possible support as a career coach and job application expert.

Join my extended, individually tailored coaching program and I will help you:

Identify your career options

Find suitable jobs that match your profile

Create professional application documents

Master the job interview confidently

Land your dream job!

Range of services:

The application process is more or less a sale process. The main goal of your application documents is therefore bare ADVERTISING. "Advertising is expensive, no advertising is even more expensive." – Paolo Bulgari