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I help foreign job seekers master the German Job Application Process with ease & reach the next level: from getting annoying rejections to landing their dream job.
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Why is it worth having your application written by an HR Professional?

You will get a tailored resume and an individual cover letter that specifically addresses the requirements of the job description and optimally highlights your special strengths and relevant experience so that you can:

Create a flawless first impression to captivate the interest and curiosity of the HR Manager from the outset

Effectively showcase your unique and well-founded motivation

Provide compelling arguments to demonstrate your suitability for the advertised position

Present your unique selling point (USP) concisely and authentically

Navigate the job application process smoothly and secure a fitting position swiftly

Hi, I'm Simona Luca

Experienced HR Professional & Career Coach

staff Simona Luca

I specialize in empowering job seekers like you to streamline the stressful job application phase. With my HR expertise, I guide you through every step of the process, from strategic job searching to crafting polished application materials and conducting interactive interview preparation. Together, we minimize the frustration of rejections and expedite your journey to securing your dream job in Germany.

During my tenure as an HR Manager, I've meticulously reviewed numerous applications and conducted a multitude of interviews. Through this extensive experience, I've gained valuable insights into the common hurdles applicants encounter, whether it's crafting a compelling application or navigating the interview process. 
Now, I want to utilize my HR experience to offer professional application support at the highest level!

Common Mistakes in Job Applications

Creating a compelling first impression is paramount. You have only a few moments to capture the recruiter's interest with your application, inviting them to want to learn more about you. Failing to achieve this is often not due to inadequate qualifications, but rather stems from common application errors.

You're unable to tell your story authentically and instead resort to dull, generic phrases borrowed from template applications.

You don't manage to stand out from the applicants’ crowd - neither in terms of design/layout nor in terms of convincing content

You are utilizing an inconsistent layout for your application materials

There are time gaps in your CV, it’s chaotic and does not optimally highlight your relevant skills and achievements

You fail to provide quantifiable results that illustrate the value of your unique selling points

Common mistakes in a job application also encompass: errors in spelling and grammar, an unprofessional photo, impersonal greetings, an unprofessional email address, uninspiring introductions in the cover letter, summarizing the resume instead of highlighting key achievements, inadequate relevance to the job posting, absence of date/ signature, and more.

To steer clear of typical application errors, many candidates seek professional assistance from experts equipped with essential writing skills and up-to-date knowledge of job application trends. 

Why entrust me with writing your application?

HR Erfahrung

I understand how recruiters operate and the criteria they use to select candidates because I have recruited employees myself. Leveraging this valuable knowledge, I strategically highlight my clients' expertise, special qualifications, and experiences in their application documents to maximize their chances of success.


With my background in human resources and as a job application coach, I've gained insight into diverse industries and professional fields. As a result, my clients can skip the introductory phase and dive straight into discussing their work environment and market challenges with me.

Persönlicher Ansprechpartner

It's easy for me to work with people from various cultural, academic, ethnic, or religious backgrounds. My creativity, empathy, and extensive understanding of human nature form a solid foundation for my work as a job application coach. These qualities help me create individual, exceptional, and above all authentic application documents.

One thing holds significant importance for me: Ensuring my clients can fully identify with their application documents.

These are your benefits:

With my comprehensive, individually tailored job application coaching, I assist you in:

Recognizing your professional options in the German Job Market

Optimizing and conducting a targeted job search

Create professional application documents that meet the current German standards/criteria

Refining interview skills through realistic interview simulations  

Drastically reduce the application timeline and swiftly secure an appropriate position


Range of services:

The job application process is akin to a sales process. In this journey, effective advertising is paramount. Without the ability to market yourself effectively through your application documents, no matter how qualified you are, you risk missing out on great opportunities every day!

Success stories of people who have undergone my job application coaching:

Ich möchte mich bei Simona herzlich bedanken. Sie ist eine fantastische Bewerbungsberaterin und hat mir sehr geholfen, tolle Jobangebote zu erhalten. Ich hatte mit meinem Bewerbungsverfahren zu kämpfen und ihr methodischer Ansatz und ihre regelmäßige Beratung haben mir sehr geholfen. Ihre Geduld und ständige Unterstützung während des gesamten Prozesses waren ehrlich hilfreich.
Ich habe während des gesamten Prozesses viel gelernt und in weniger als 3 Monaten habe ich viele positive Antworten von relevanten Unternehmen erhalten. Außerdem war es ein Vergnügen, mit ihr im Team zu arbeiten, und diese Partnerschaft ist etwas, das man immer zu schätzen weiß.
Ich kann Simona als eine professionelle Mentorin und Beraterin in der Phase der Arbeitssuche auf jeden Fall empfehlen.

Arijit Dey

Frau Luca hat mir eine professionelle Bewerbungsmappe erstellt, die meine Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen optimal in Szene setzt. Noch wichtiger als das, sie hat mich bestens aufgeklärt, wie ich die Unterlagen (Lebenslauf & Anschreiben) anpassen muss, um individuelle, sehr überzeugende Bewerbungen zu erstellen. Mir ist klar geworden wie wenig ich über das Thema Bewerbung wusste und wie wichtig ein professioneller Auftritt im Bewerbungsprozess ist. Tolle Beratung!

Andrei Vrabie

Working with Simona was an absolute pleasure. She is professional, diligent, empathetic and perceptive. While working together, Simona walked through her process and methodology with clarity and I understood it in a memorable and intuitive way. I’ve received coaching before, but for me, what made Simona exceptional was her authentic and obvious passion for supporting people. If you are looking for a competent coach with a passion for people, I’d highly recommend you get in touch with her

Winnie Tai

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Step 3: I will provide you with comprehensive details about my coaching program, and together we will tailor an individual solution, that perfectly suits your needs.

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